Have you ever dreamed of owning
your very own spirits brand?

Perhaps you already have a brand and are seeking the perfect partner for production… well, wander no more!

Contract Distilling

Introducing our Contract Manufacturing services here at WanderFolk Spirits, specializing in crafting premium spirits and liqueurs.

Whether you are launching a spirit brand or you are looking to expand your business into own-brand spirits we offer an unparalleled service. We understand the intricacies surrounding the industry & can make the process of developing own-brand/new-to-market spirits easier for those that wish to launch & establish themselves with branded spirits. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge & talents to offer a range of services, including: recipe development, spirit production, bottling, labelling, packaging, bonded storage, market development, distribution & business consultation.

When starting out within the world of beverages a proof of concept would normally be required before this process was initiated. Unlike others however we offer our initial consultancy free of charge which will allow us to work with you to kickstart the development process. From that point onwards our talented team will be made available for several development meetings in place to help guide you towards your desired end product.

If this sound like the partnership you need to make your
distilling dreams a reality, contact us today to get the process in motion.