WanderFolk Community Outreach Guidelines

Since the doors opened in 2012, our distilling family has been continuously overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the Oklahoma community, throughout the entire state. Our feelings towards this community has always encouraged us to partner up or create events, programs, & philanthropic efforts as a chance to give back & multiply the love we feel each & every day, here at WanderFolk Spirits.
We are constantly looking for an opportunity to create good through our brand & team. If you think you have the perfect idea to make some positive impact happen, let’s start a conversation & get a discussion moving on working together for good with WanderFolk!
Please email: info@wfspirits.com & give us as much information around your request as possible. One of our Wanderers will get back to you as soon as possible to see if we can make a little magic happen together.
Clarity on Charitable Partnership with WanderFolk Spirits:
– Organizations preferred to have a 501(c)3 status
– We do not partner with organizations with religious, political, or controversial purposes
– We do not donate to professional groups, networking events, conferences, conventions or workshops
– We do not donate to universities, private institutions, or tuition based education
– We do not provide donations for individuals and organizations including but not limited to scholarships, medical bills, financial hardships, etc.
– In most instances, we do not work with fraternity and sorority organizations, or with individual schools or universities
– We must work directly with a representative from the nonprofit organization
– In order to serve a broad community of organizations, each organization is only eligible to be selected once per calendar year.
– No donations/sponsorships to schools or clubs
– No affiliation with any group under the legal drinking age (21+ only)

Thank you much & we look forward to doing some good together! Cheers!