WanderFolk Spirits Launches Multi-Spirit Distillery

GUTHRIE, OK – Oklahoma’s first legal distillery, Prairie Wolf Spirits, is now WanderFolk Spirits. A new parent company has emerged and it is introducing a multi-spirit line headquartered in downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma’s original spirit line, Prairie Wolf, will now be joined by two new brands, Garden Club and Same Old Moses under the WanderFolk parent company. The complete WanderFolk Spirits product line will continue with the original Prairie Wolf products and introduce new spirits Garden Club Gin, Garden Club Vodka, Garden Club Spiced Vodka, and Same Old Moses Bourbon. The new products will be available for purchase at participating retailers beginning July 1st.

“WanderFolk is a collective of passionate creatives, blending mastered skills from various backgrounds, that is focused on re-inventing and pushing the boundaries of craft spirits in Oklahoma”, GM/Director of Sales & Marketing, Derek Duty said. “We will use our brands to invite others to wander with us to discover new wonders ahead in our unique and distinctly Oklahoma products”.

“The brand stands out against competitors for several reasons”, said Distiller and Spirits Director, Jeff Cole. “We aren’t producing oceans of liquid. Our whiskey is barreled in small batches, and our gin and flavored vodkas are made in a small 130 liter still utilizing unique ingredients and flavors that stand out in the spirits landscape.”

WanderFolk features local Oklahoma grown products and other rare ingredients foraged in the wild. Sommeliers, chefs and bartenders have collaborated with professional distillers to formulate these new spirit product lines.

Multiple local families and investors have come together in hopes of this Oklahoma distillery putting craft spirits on the map for the state and competing nationwide in spirit sales.